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About Missy Mack

My earliest memory of sewing and fabric, was sitting on a tall chair at the age of five, my legs swinging to and fro, whilst my mother patiently taught me to sew. It was a great thing she was so patient, as my seams were wonky, and the fabric stretched. But I was hooked. My imagination was caught, and endless dolls dresses and blankets were created from scraps in an array of colours.
But it wasn't until I was 10 years old, that my Aunty Steff introduced me to what would be my newest passion and hobby, Patchwork. With her help I created my first quilt, a rather happy and bright smash of colours! But I enjoyed playing with the fabric, and putting colours together and creating pretty things. My interest only grew as I got older and learnt more techniques. I also realised that anything that involved sewing was an immense amount of fun; and bags, wall hangings, toys and hand stitched projects came about.

At a guess, I have now made well over 100 quilts, for family, friends, and myself. I greatly enjoy making bespoke and custom quilts for clients, as I get to stretch my imagination and creativity, and play with colours and fabrics I wouldn't normally choose. I take great delight in seeing other people enjoy a handmade object, and value the time and work involved.
I've also had the pleasure of designing projects and patterns, not only for myself, but for others, with some featuring in Homespun Magazine, an Australia wide publication. I have worked at one of Australia's largest Patchwork shops for nearly 3 years now, where I have learnt a vast amount of information relating to all things sewing and patchwork.

I am also embarking on a new journey in teaching sewing at a lovely local homewares and craft shop, Crumbz in the Yarra Valley. I am entirely grateful to all who have taught me along the way with sewing, and whilst I will never stop learning, I look forward to teaching others what I have gained and learnt so far. Sewing is a wonderful hobby and passion, and it's not just about making a quilt for the top of your bed. It's about decorating your home, and creating a unique piece of yourself. An item that not only will you get to enjoy, but also future generations to come.

I am newly and happily married to a wonderful man, and have lived in Healesville with my family for nearly 10 years now. I love the Yarra Valley, and particularly the township of Healesville, with it's pretty main street surrounded by the hills. We feel greatly blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

Samantha Green
of Missy Mack.